Sure is Wade at the critical moment

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Sure is Wade at the critical moment

Postby flowjersey » Tue May 10, 2016 9:04 am

The NBA playoffs continues, the Heat beat the Raptors, through Danny Green Womens Jersey overtime at home in the series a total score of 2-2. Dwyane Wade in Miami, he get a game-high 30 points, the total score of his playoff career than magic Johnson, to record the playoffs scoring 13!
Although whiteside injured, but the Heat and Johnson, Dragic, Luol Deng these capabilities, but at a critical moment, Wade is still they anchored. 6 minutes and 40 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Raptors made a nine point lead, but after Wade shot with penalty scored 7 points, leading the Heat during a 9-2 chase momentum of points; And also with 12.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Wade scored the game into overtime work. Credited with nature should be at the last moment, when the game with 16.8 seconds left, Wade steals Ross counterattack dunking, for the Heat.
The Heat with stoudemire replace whiteside, while Kids Russell Westbrook Jersey the Raptors have two changes, with than ever and bo in Mr Yunus, Nancy with Paterson rookie Powell. How this change will bring the two teams?
Than ever and has brought positive contribution, at least in the opening soon even the cingulate penalty took four points, to help the Raptors went 9-7 start. But the Raptors backcourt double gun remains sluggish, demar derozan and lowry have missed a shot, the Heat made during a 6-0 small high tide will take. After this game into stalemate
Start the third quarter the Raptors hit 7-2 offensive, but this time lowry to personal fouls 4 only fate rest. This will affect the Raptors? The answer is yes, but let the Raptors offense more smoothly, with 5 minutes 11 seconds remaining in this section, Joseph nasty sto for successful, they have to take for 52-48. That is to say from this section start at this point, the Raptors completed a wave of 17 - attack of the 4 a climax. Fortunately, the Heat in the final phase of this section to find accuracy, Della ji also completed a dozen four points, over Heat excludes Wade players outside the three-point line continuous 19 goals miss embarrassed. As Winslow's basket, abandoning the Heat at the end of this section will be the score to 62-60.
6 minutes and 40 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Ross outside hitting three points, the Raptors will lead to 77-77. But the Heat did not collapse, in this section 3 minutes and 26 seconds left, Wade layup hit three hands, share the Heat to complete a wave of 9-2 offensive, the score to 77-79, Wade scored seven points in this wave of offensive. 1 minutes 58 seconds remaining in this section, lowry was sentenced to an offensive foul, this is his sixth foul, Miami seized the opportunity, in this section with 12.6 seconds remaining, Wade layup successful, tie for 83. Suspended after Joseph missed a jumper, the Heat but have no time, you get the rebound game into overtime, this is the series 3 overtime.
With 59.8 seconds remaining in the game, Wade breakthrough single hand layup, after the ball in the basket front touched and direction of the play to rebound. You guess the ball into the didn't? Is so amazing, the ball in the basket and the connection Blackhawks Bobby Orr Jersey section of the basket, went quietly lying on the top. Although the competition is fierce, but everybody laughed.
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