Too bad, Leonard was not in state

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Too bad, Leonard was not in state

Postby flowjersey » Mon May 09, 2016 9:52 am

Western conference semifinals series 2-2, the Spurs Leonard is 7 for 19 had 21 points, the fourth quarter, 0 for 5 to crop failures, killed off in the battle with durant after the explosion.
3 minutes and 40 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Leonard ball singles thunder defensive specialist Robertson. Leonard breakthrough stop hand and caught the ball feints feint, flew directly shakes Robertson, Leonard fancy footwork layup scoring, quite have the feeling of kobe Bryant.
Leonard played very fierce, it the first half, near the end of the first half, durant hit a three points, the thunder come back implementation, Leonard gave back, he break the bottom line, step over Kevin durant, jumped Reggie White Youth Jersey to the basket, through the Adams will create foul ball into the basket and that success into 2 + 1.
Leonard was anticlimactic, this is the play, he performed well in the first half, but failed to show the Spurs in the second half, especially the fourth quarter new core role. Leonard section 4 for 3 0 for five 3-pointers, and details the score zero, and contrapuntal durant with his fourth 6 for 6 only 17 points, the match had 41 points and degree awarded.
Before the western conference semifinals three games, Leonard averaged 23.3 points and 7.7 rebounds, 3.7 assists, field goal percentage of 54.2%, 44.4% on threes. From the point of view, Leonard this wheel series performance is quite good, but he also have weak, the second game 7 for 18 had 14 points, only the Spurs lost the game. Leonard is no longer ago that predominantly defensive player, he grow up in this season for Spurs major offensive weapons, is the advantage, of the ball attack opponents more defensive strength in him, especially in the playoffs. Leonard must adapt to this change, when in trouble in time to adjust. Occasionally, poor condition in the playoffs is inevitable, excellent high level players in rapid rebound.
Third series, Leonard state recovery 9 of 17 shots hit 31 points and 11 rebounds, 3 assists under 1 game 1 blocks, both ends are everywhere, the last moment to key offensive rebounds, cooperate with teammates to wei played 21 less iron. Leonard in game 3, it got into trouble again, he even in the first half before this play is more normal, the ball's efficiency is good, are more fierce offensive, defensive end have contribution, the third one hand half empty tackling defensive gifts, but in the fourth quarter the score needed a superstar stalemate, Leonard performance cannot be satisfactory, a whole section of game scoreless, 5 shots while the iron is hot, and the status of durant contrasts.
Is an old saying goes, no NBA field theory, a game played well doesn't mean every match well, one game to play not beautiful also is not to say that the games will be bad. The Spurs are a veteran Blaine Gabbert Limited Jersey team, Leonard is take the finals MVP player, they have the ability and experience to make effective changes.
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Re: Too bad, Leonard was not in state

Postby wildstar » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:19 am

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